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Criminal appeals are one of the most challenging areas of the legal profession. Success comes from a comprehensive and meticulous review of the trial record and the identification of legal principles on which an appeal can rest.

Generally, anyone convicted at trial has the right to at least one appeal. However, a defendant who enters a guilty plea waives his right to appeal on the court record when his request is entered.

While judges and juries in civil and criminal trials will make their rulings based on the facts of the case, an appellate court will review the trial for legal errors.

For an appeal to be successful, the person appealing must show that an error was made in the trial and that the error affected the case’s outcome.

Do not let the justice system intimidate you. Do not be afraid to question your conviction. If you believe mistakes were made during your case or you were wrongfully convicted, now is the time to act.

Criminal appeals require you to act fast when challenging your conviction, especially on direct appeal, so waste no time retaining an experienced and committed to getting you a positive result.

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