Capital Murder Defense Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas

Capital murder is perhaps the most severe criminal offense that a person can be charged within Texas. As a result, the prosecutors handling these types of cases often feel obligated to pursue some measure of justice for alleged victims, and they will usually seek the maximum possible punishments for alleged offenders.

When you are facing criminal charges as severe and consequential as capital murder, you deserve representation that can make sure your rights are fully protected and every opportunity to weaken the prosecution’s case is taken.

Capital Murder is the most serious crime in the state of Texas. It is the state’s only offense punishable by death.

A capital murder charge is severe, and effective defense against such a charge requires an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Although the specific plan for defense depends on the details and nature of what happened, many defenses seek to prove that what happened does not fit the definition of murder.

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If you have been arrested on a charge of capital murder or murder, it is in your best interests to team up with an experienced criminal attorney who understands your rights and who will zealously advocate on your behalf.

I will investigate the facts of your case and seek to obtain evidence in your favor. I will protect your rights throughout your case-from initial arrest to trial, and appeal if necessary.

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