State v. JCNot guilty - capital murder
State v. MMNot guilty - aggravated assault with 
a deadly weapon
State v. MPNot guilty - assault family violence

San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio

Daniel De La Garza is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio, Texas. He provides unwavering advocacy and support to individuals who find themselves facing criminal charges. At De La Garza Criminal Defense we certainly understand how serious a criminal charge is. We therefore approach each case with an unwavering commitment to justice. We further employ proactive and proven approaches to vigorously defend your rights. Daniel will stand by your side throughout the entire legal process and will work tirelessly to secure the most favorable result possible for your case.

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How Can I Help You?

I provide comprehensive legal representation for criminal cases in San Antonio, Texas and leverage my experience to diligently fight for the best possible outcome for my clients.

Accused of a Crime?

Call our office now for a free case evaluation with an experienced San Antonio criminal defense lawyer.

If you are wrongfully accused of committing a crime you need a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your rights because it is imperative to have a strong defense. Therefore, we firmly believe that an aggressive defense is the key to a client’s best chance at justice. With unwavering dedication to seeking truth and extensive trial experience, Daniel is ready to stand beside you, utilizing vast resources, knowledge, and trial skills to protect your rights and advocate for you in court before a judge or jury. You don’t have to face this daunting situation alone because you can can call my office today. Let me provide you with the steadfast legal representation you undeniably deserve.

Wrongfully Convicted?

Call our office now for an experienced criminal appeals lawyer in San Antonio, Texas.

If you have been wrongly convicted of a crime you have the right to appeal your conviction and sentence. I am a San Antonio criminal lawyer who understand the complex process of criminal appeals and will carefully examine your case. I’ll pay close attention to every legal detail in order to build a strong legal argument for your case. If legal error occurred during your trial or plea bargaining process call me now. Let me help you challenge the final decision in your case and protect your rights.

Wrongfully Imprisoned?

Call our office a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio, Texas who handles post-conviction writs of habeas corpus cases.

Wrongfully imprisoned? You have rights protected by the United States and Texas Constitutions that can help you get released. I’m a skilled San Antonio criminal defense lawyer who will use these rights to make strong arguments for your freedom. I handle writs of post-conviction writs of habeas corpus, and raise ineffective assistance of counsel, prosecutorial misconduct, involuntary pleas of guilty, illegal sentences, and violations of judicial impartiality. Not all criminal defense lawyers know how to handle writs of habeas corpus, so it’s important to pick a trusted criminal law firm in San Antonio with a criminal defense lawyer who does. With my successful track record, you can have confidence that I’ll do everything possible to fight for your freedom and fairness. Contact my office today for a free case evaluation.

Wrongfully imprisoned criminal defendant in San Antonio, Texas.
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Meet Daniel De La Garza

An esteemed criminal defense attorney in San Antonio, Texas, Daniel De La Garza is dedicated to providing unwavering advocacy and support to individuals who find themselves confronting criminal charges...

Client Reviews

When I hired Daniel I needed a big result. I gave him the time he needed and trusted him to have my best interest in mind. My case was not an easy one, but Daniel assured me that he was doing everything in his...

Justin J.

Very professional and dedicated to his clients. Would highly recommend him and his team.

Colleen A.

I needed help on something real bad. MY life had stopped. I called Mr. Daniel De La Garza and he went right at the case at full force. He kept me informed the whole way through the case. I say, if you need a...

Kayo N.
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